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Produced by Grammy winning producer Aaron "Luis" Levinson (2006 winner best salsa recording for the Spanish Harlem Orchestra) Baby Loves Salsa features some of the biggest and brightest stars in contemporary salsa music including band leader and singer Jose Conde. It is the story of a group of kittens and puppies (gattitos y perritos) from the streets of new york city who go on to become the best salsa band in the land. The cd package is a 20 page thick paged board book created with the goal of helping young kids (2-6 years of age) learn all about salsa and all about Spanish in a way that parents and kids children can enjoy together.

the highline ballroom has become our new home (casa nueva!) as the baby loves salsa band (led by jose conde continues its monthly run with shows through the fall. next dates are september 26th and then October 17th.  November and December dates coming soon.   What to expect? This is a live concert - real music, real band, real FUN.  Get tickets now.  

sorry for the delay in release, but you'll be really psyched that you waited. extra time that was needed to make the extra special 26 page board book that houses the shiny cd of music. it's already been called "the best musical value of the season" by the parents music counsel, and "an early bet for record of the year" by family time magazine. click here to get it now.

not only is this the lead single from our new album, it is also our latest video, go ahead, and click right here and watch otis and his band of cats and dogs come to life for this little gem of a jam.

developed by our own team of educators, artists and musicians this curriculum was specifically developed to be a tool both for parents wanting to be able to introduce basic spanish words and concepts to their young children AND as a collected resource for kindergarden and pre-schools across the country. click here for some free downloads that will help you help your little one to some spanish and art. (spart?)

aron luis levinson is not only the producer of baby loves salsa, but also the proud owner of a grammy for his 2006 recording of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra which won "best salsa album of the year" by the national academy of recording arts & sciences. his list of great musical accomplishments is long (google him) as is his list of great human accomplishments. you can't google humanity - but take it from me - they broke the mold when they made this guy. anyway, we asked him to school you moms and dads on some simple salsa stuff to make your world more musically delicious. click here to start exploring.

we are a tiny mom and pop company run out of our fake office just outside of philadelphia. we love all kinds of music and have put out 9 books and 2 cds under baby loves jazz, an award winning baby loves hip hop cd, and an international dance craze that is baby loves disco. it's our mission to make real (good) music for kids and parents made by real (good) musicians.
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